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At-Home Challenges for Gymnasts

Whether or not you’re back to the gym this summer, there are plenty of hours in a day to keep building strength and stamina while having fun. Try the activities below with a sibling, parent, or friend. Create a leader board and track your progress over time for some friendly competition!

Show Off Your Traps
Raise your arms parallel to your shoulders and hold.
Can you hold for 1 minute, 5 or 10?
Can you do mini circles, or open and close your palms while you hold this position?

Door Jamb Scramble
Climb up your doorways (ask your adult if this is OK first!) and hold.
Sit sideways, one leg, two legs, or both.
How long can you stay up without touching the floor?
For an additional challenge, try with no arms.

Hollow Rockers
Lay on your belly, lift your shoulders and feet off the floor, and rock like a boat.
Do this for 30 seconds, then a full minute.
How many minutes can you build to by the end of the day?

at-home gymnastics challenges fitness kids

You’re a bird, a plane!
Lay on your stomach.
Do 10 arm lifts, 10 leg lifts, and then 10 lifts with both at the same time.
Grab your feet if you’re feeling flexible and soar.

Balance Hold Challenges
Crow Pose: Can you hold crow with your toes touching your partner’s toes?
Tree Pose: Whose inner calm will last longer in this grounding position?

Partner Sit-ups
Ask your partner to sit on your feet while you do sit-ups, or hold your partner’s ankles and lift them their toes to the sky! (Be sure to say encouraging words while making their sit-ups more strenuous!)

Partner Plank
Jump back and forth over your partner while they hold a perfect plank, then switch.

partner plank fitness with kids