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Gymnastics is Fun and so is Destira

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Last week on the blog we wrote about going back to our Core Values to find grounding in a changing environment. We shared Destira’s origin story, and asked what Family First  means to you. Today, we’re exploring another guiding Core Value: Fun!

Fun for Team Destira is in relationships, in interactions with our communities and customers, and in how we arrive at work and inspire others to do the same. We know that, like the athletes we serve, we do our best work when we can enjoy ourselves and feel empowered and excited in our roles.

While we’re doing our serious businessperson work, we like to keep the mood light. Surrounded by smiling sloths, space cats, glittery rhinestones, and delightful customers and coworkers, it’s usually easy to keep fun at the forefront — and we know that our work is better for it.

Fun isn’t Going Anywhere

Today, there’s a lot going on that’s threatening our fun. Schedules are interrupted, uncertainty abounds. Is it insensitive to want to have fun? On the contrary, we need fun now more than ever, and we’re committed to keeping up the mood in our sphere of influence.  As a youth-oriented brand, we are intentionally keeping our messaging light and fun. There’s no shortage of the other kind of news to read. 

gymnastics spirit week scrunchies destira contest giveaway

If you follow us on social, you may have seen our Spirit Week posts; and we’re promoting #GymnasticsAnywhere, so that we can share and be inspired by the creative ways athletes are practicing gymnastics away from their gyms.  More fun is on the way in the coming weeks as well,  as we do our part to keep our little corner of the Internet upbeat and offer a sense of lighthearted normalcy, not only during this challenging time, but always! 

What Does Your Fun Look Like Today?

We’re wearing novelty hats to our Zoom meetings, and surprising our teams with whimsical virtual backgrounds. Fun looks a little bit different these days than they did last month, when we were sharing pastries and stories at the conference table. What are some of the new and creative ways you’re keeping in touch with your Gym Besties while keeping your safe six-foot distance?

We love to hear about how you’re maintaining connections with your gymnastics community! Comment below, or share on social. Please tag us @destiraleotards so we’ll be sure to see your post!