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Destira at Congress 2018

Every year USAG hosts a National and several Regional Congresses for coaches, judges, gym-owners, and enthusiasts throughout the country.

Congress is an educational opportunity for everyone. USAG brings in some of the best coaches and clinicians in their fields to speak and educate the community on new techniques, mental and physical preparation, business tips, and many other areas that shape an athlete. Additionally, there is a vendor section selling the best equipment, leotards, and fun props for coaching. Congress also provides an opportunity for networking within the region.

Destira has been attending Congress since 2003. We attend National and Regional Congress’ and appreciate the opportunity to build new client relationships and connect with current customers.

“Congress feels like a family reunion now because it’s the only time in the year we get to see our customers and other vendors. When we showed up at first, we were the new guys, and now it’s like coming home,” says Jodi Levy, owner of Destira, Inc. “I feel super connected to the people that are here. Now it’s fun to see people I’ve had relationship with for ten years.”

Congress comes at a great time of the year, with the start of the training season, gymnastics clubs offering fresh fall schedules, and kids getting back into the gym after the summer. Congress, for us at Destira, is an opportunity to see old friends face-to-face and meet new clients in person.

“It’s fun to start a new relationship with a face-to-face meeting,” says owner/founder Donna Levy, “it’s nice to have that visual on who we are working with.”

Another wonderful component about Congress is that it gives Destira’s products the opportunity to do the talking. At the Destira booth you’ll find unique designs, fun prints, and an empowering message.

It’s a culmination of our vision: the fabric prints and leotard silhouettes are original and created by our in-house design team. You’ll readily see the influences of current, high fashion and the latest style trends featured online and in magazines.

The vendor booths welcome everyone. Loyal customers- including gym owners, coaches, and moms- stop by every year to pick up new leotards, see what’s new for fall, or pick up some sale leotards.

There are two kinds of shoppers at the Destira booth: the coach who wants something unique and beautiful for the girls to wear, and the mom who wants her gymnast to love and feel comfortable in her leotard.

“I want them to smile,” says CEO/ owner Jen Atkinson of Destira’s clientele, “I want them to walk over here and think, ‘I know my girls will love this, they’ll feel great wearing this.’ When you have something on you like, there’s a different rhythm in your step wearing it.”

“We want to be a brand that works hard to help athletes feel empowered and confident, and to let them (athletes) show their own self-expression while wearing a super comfortable, cool leotard, doing the sport they love” adds Jodi Levy.

 Some of the confident, cool designs showcased at Destira’s booth this year include the best-selling Llama Love, Linear Grade, and the Inspirational Graphics Collection. Our GRL PWR leotards are especially noteworthy: 25% of sales profits will be donated to the Athlete Assistance Fund.

 Destira wants every athlete wearing our leotard to feel strong, powerful, and happy. We want each girl to feel her best, regardless of age or skill level. We design leotards for every gymnast to wear every day.

Next time you’re at Congress, stop by our booth. Friendships and relationships are so important to us, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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