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Find Your Courage: Destira's Hear Me Roar Collection

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Courage. What does it mean to you? Is courage the opposite of fear? Destira gave this question a lot of thought as we designed our latest courage inspired collection. We came to the conclusion that courage is not about being a fearless super hero of epic (and fictional) proportions. To us, courage is owning our fears and addressing them with positivity. That translates to digging deep to push boundaries, finding your focus, testing your limits, and recognizing your unique merit. Perhaps courage is not about being fearless, instead it’s about cultivating the confidence you need to overcome your fears!

Your courage is unique and will change with time, take a moment to personalize it.  Make a statement for all to hear. How will you fill in the blank today?

“I am _____________________, hear me roar!”

 Hear Me Roar leotards

Hear Me Roar leotards

 Our latest collection, Hear Me Roar, has arrived to celebrate YOUR unique courage.

 Hear Me Roar leotard

Feline inspired prints and graphics represent the power, determination, and grace in the roaring heart of every gymnast. And while you’re conquering boundaries, the tiger stripes and leopard spots featured on our Hear Me Roar collection will ensure that you feel fashion forward. There’s so much to roar about!

Hear Me Roar leotard



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