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Let's Share a "Happy Mother's Day" Everyday!

 Happy Mothers Day

Start every day of motherhood with positivity

I’m so happy to be sharing this Mother’s Day with you! It’s Mother’s Day 2019 and a well-deserved, little red carpet rolls out just for you today. But what about the other 364 days out of the year? Motherhood is beautiful, hard and nuanced – fulfilling, draining and rewarding EVERY day. Let’s talk about how we step into the beginning of each new day of motherhood. How do you start your days, mammas?

This is how I start mine…

“I am strong.
I am capable.
I am healthy.
I feel great.
I feel alive.
I will remind myself of these gifts throughout the day.” 

Yep.  I say that simple mantra every morning to myself. Those positive words let me start the day with the right attitude, and puts me in the frame of mind to embrace being a mom to 3 daughters and manage Destira. That mantra gives me energy to care of my family, home, and friends. It’s as all about waking up and choosing to be positive. It’s amazing what 5 minutes at the beginning of my day can do. Take it for yourself!! 

Alarm goes off –a whirlwind of kid breakfasts, school lunches, drop offs, camps, coordination of afterschool activities, child care support, dance, gymnastics, snacks, and - oh yes! - carpools, drop-offs, errands. Don’t forget that phone call with a friend, or conversation with my spouse. And what about the entire dinner and bedtime routine? The whirlwind sweeps through, and my head hits the pillow exhausted and out. Sound familiar?

How do you start your days?  Why not make your own simple mantra. Roll over, swing your legs out of bed and start your day with positive affirmations. Try it for just 20 days and see what an impact it has on the rest of your day.  Promise. Positivity exudes through all I do at work and at home. And positivity, without a doubt, is the energy I want to give to my family, friends business, and world around me.  Mamas, how do you start your days? How do you find and create all the good that is possible each day?

Jen Atkinson
Owner of Destira