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Please help me find my kids' face masks

Hi. 👋 It’s Janine, Destira Custom Project Manager here. I need some advice. Face masks at my house are disappearing faster than single socks in the clothes dryer, so I am taking over the Destira blog today to ask of other parents and adults taking care of children: how are you managing the family mask collection? 

Maybe you can relate: in my household I am the Great All-Knowing Finder of Things. Favorite pajamas? In the dyer with sixteen minutes to go!  Hair brush? Between the couch and the bookcase; where else would it be? The only water bottle you’ll take to practice yet cannot keep a hold of on your own? Well, that was last seen on the front porch, having not quite made it into the house from the car. But our face masks? Beats me!

My Parental Powers of Location are scrambled by the simple face mask, which seems determined to disappear. I am still figuring out how to keep track of my own, let alone the kids’. Please help.

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Face masks present a new question in the organization of household and personal items. Are they like socks, stored in a dresser drawer or similar and sorted by owner? Or are they more like keys, which in my house rest in a communal box next to our front door?

I do keep one back-up face mask in my bag with a spare hair tie and cute lil’ bottle of hand sanitizer, so maybe masks are more like accessories? But if that’s the case, I’m really lost because as far as I can tell my kids keep their favorite scrunchies and pins on the living room rug. 

But unlike socks, hair ties, and even house keys, face masks are a really important piece of community protective gear right now, and we must have clean masks on-hand for everyone in my family, so that we can do our part in slowing the spread of coronavirus whenever we leave home.

My kids are 10 and 7. In general they are medium-responsible. They are not mask protestors, but they don't seem as motivated to track their masks as they do their favorite leotards. What should we do? How do you organize, manage, and store your family’s masks? 

Stay safe and kind, my friends.

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