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Share the Love, with Braylee

Have you been following along with our series of Destira Core Values? We’re getting re-grounded in what matters most as we get used to new ways of working together for you. In the past two weeks we wrote about Family First and Fun, and in this post we’ll share a third Core Value — Share the Love.

Sharing the Love is about collaboration and and engagement with our community, and our Account Manager Braylee Osterhaus lives this value every day working closely with our gym clients.

Destira Account Manager Braylee Osterhaus

She’s a great communicator and a genuine people-person.

She’s a passionate world traveler who also likes to spend time at home taking care of her two furry friends.

She has an enthusiasm for connecting with people and an impressive breadth of professional experience.

We're so fortunate to have Braylee on our team caring for our esteemed consignment and wholesale customers!

Let’s start at the beginning. Tell us how you ended up working at Destira? 
It’s a funny story! One of my closest friends has worked at Destira for 10 years. I left my 15 years of cosmetics to branch out, and my friend told me about some openings at Destira while I was on the market. Fast forward to almost a year and a half later and I’m here!

In a nutshell can you describe your position at Destira? What’s your favorite part of it?
I’m the Account Manager for the West Coast and Midwest. I basically am the go-to person for all of our consignment and wholesale customers in those states, as well as new customers. My favorite part about it is the customer experience and getting to try new things! Lots of fun tasks to keep me busy, as I like having my plate super full!

You have a customer facing job. You connect with people all day, every day. What’s fun about that?
I’ve always been in customer facing roles, except this time is mostly phone and email, and I was used to it being in person. The fun part about it is that it’s super genuine to me. It’s all I know!

Can you give us some tips on how to connect with people? Tips we can use in our everyday lives?
Just be yourself! People can tell when you’re your authentic genuine self. It builds trust and respect.

Team Destira at the 2019 USA Gymnastics National Congress
Left to right: Jodi, Braylee, Jacqui, and Heather having fun with the Destira selfie wall at the 2019 USA Gymnastics National Congress.

Before you came to Destira, you worked in the cosmetics industry for 15 years; can you tell us a little about your experience? What attracted you to it and do you still have a personal passion for the world of beauty?
Makeup is just fun! I loved everything about it. It’s very similar to Destira in the way of seasonality and holidays, etc. as our launches go. I did a lot of management, hiring, operations, and HR as well. A lot of the nitty gritty which I loved. I still have tons of makeup at home and love to organize my vanity and force myself to wear new things every day at Destira as well.

We hear that you love traveling, where have you traveled? Which destination stands out?
I’ve been to Italy, Spain, Amsterdam, Mexico, Canada, and a decent amount of places in the USA. I love Mexico the most. Italy last year was an AMAZING experience, and New Orleans is probably my favorite place in the US other than Las Vegas.

Please tell us about Michael and Stella, your furry friends!
Michael is 12 and Stella is 13. They both have their own personalities which is great. Stella is super cuddly and loving. Probably the laziest dog I know. She can stay in bed under the covers all day! Mike is sassy and very particular, but very loving to me which matters most. My friends call him cowboy Mike. My mom found him as a newborn baby stray cat and the rest is history.

Braylee's pets, Michael and Stella
Braylee's pets, Michael and Stella

Destira is women-owned and run, is this significant to you and, if so, why?
Absolutely! I think especially in today’s world, I feel super proud to tell my friends and customers this. It’s very empowering working for a growing business with all super smart women.

Destira designs and sells leotards, but equally important is our message of self-confidence and empowerment. What do you do to build confidence in yourself?
I think I’m just confident being myself! I know I’m me and I’m different from everyone else and I think that in itself builds confidence in me.

Another Destira message is positivity. How do you cultivate positivity in your life? Do your co-workers inspire a positive attitude?
My boss, Jodi, comes into work every day with a positive attitude. It really sets the tone for the day. Our office is also super close and collaborative and are just our silly selves which I think makes everyone feel good and laugh A LOT and keep any negativity out.

Do you have a short message for our young, female gymnasts?
Work hard and do your best! That’s all that matters. You can do anything!

Fun Facts about Braylee

  • She loves Las Vegas and Mexico, food, travel, gambling, and relaxing! 
  • She's afraid of stilts
  • Her family is from Italy
  • Alice Cooper held her when she was a baby
  • She has two cat tattoos

What are your top 3 favorite leos? Toucan Do It, Color Crush, and Gone Bananas

Toucan Do It leotardColor Crush leotardGone Bananas leotard

Take a closer look at Braylee's favorites at our online shop... or find your own new favorites!

Braylee is Here For You

If you have questions about your Consignment, Wholesale, or Affiliate accounts, Braylee and her equally-awesome partner in stock account management, Jacqueline, are here to help. You can drop them a line any time at